Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cooking Adventures: Turkey breast stuffed with feta and macadamias and served with rice

Yesterday, I cooked dinner for my parents, just because I felt like it. Living on my own means I don't get the chance to cook properly near as often as I'd like, so every few weeks I invite my parents over for dinner on a Saturday or Sunday, and make a proper meal.

Most times this means lasagne, as I like to freeze the leftovers for quick weekday meals. But since my freezer is currently full to the brim, I thought I'd try something different, something I made once a few years ago.

I'm not usually big on poultry, but I like it once in a while, especially if it is stuffed with some kind of delicious filling. When I was in Australia over Christmas a few years ago, the friend I stayed with made us turkey stuffed with macadamias and cranberries. I tried making this myself when I got back and it's a very delicious roast for a crowd.

Another recipe that I got from a cookbook by Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden also fills poultry with macadamias, but this stuffing is less sweet with feta, onions and bacon instead of the cranberries. It's also a recipe for 4 rather than a crowd, so this is what I chose to make yesterday.